Tango Workshops are gym sessions but we should be dancing

There is a growing tendency – I think – for tango classes and workshops to feel like physically demanding exercises and for leaders in particular to loose the end goal.

That end goal for all of us is the Milonga. And her pleasure.

We are never going to be on stage. So that impressive tortuous repeating back secada based complex figure of the moment is perhaps something that we should only be working on as part of a creative exploratory analysis that unpicks spatial relationships and technique. In this way these complex figures and dynamics are indeed so useful – challenging and enjoyable.

But it’s just a class.

For her, when we dance together – if I turn my back on her and threaten to kick her – perhaps I have broken the moment?  A cold shower comes to mind.

Surely we want to be brilliant social dancers. That is a goal I personally was so specific about when placed under pressure to define my objectives a couple of years ago.

Social dancers create something with this woman or man, to this music, in this space and time. It is most unlikely that your parter – or indeed yourself – could pass even the most basic of gymnastic qualifications

Personally I am spending so much  more time on the music, the energy flows and finding pleasure through well danced figures that we can enjoy equally.

Dance. With her. To the music. It’s such fun.

Don’t kick her.