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So many questions

I lean on my side and I watch you. There is a distance where our mouths are so close that our  breath is intermingled and yet I can still see the details of your eyes. Gorgeous. Too close and everything I see is blurred, but the breath slowly turns into soft engagement. Beautiful. What am I searching for? What do I need from you? Some kind of confirmation. Thrilled I watch you enter your private world. Your open mouth and sparkling eyes, the way you look at me – everything about you says yes.

The night that is now behind us answered so many questions and yet left so much unasked.

Notes from the Word Hoard

The way the exercise works is explained here.


We walk into our future
The night that is now behind us
My camera stays in the bag
Walking freely.

The night that is now behind us * Selected


I took this on a recent walk in he South Downs. Friends have commented that my recent posts are a bit depressing – this one is about that dislocation between a night of intimacy and the fresh world under the sunlight.