Word Hoarding Exercise

This is a really useful  creative writing exercise :

  • Take a book off a shelf and randomly select a word – that word is the center of a 7 word phrase. Write that phrase down.
  • While thinking of that phrase write for 5 minutes continuously quickly, without thinking and without stopping.
  • Carefully read the results forwards and backwards looking for any phrase that interests you, has energy for you or seems original.
  • Write a short story in which that phrase occurs

For me this exercise works really well, it stops procrastination and the fear of a blank piece of paper.

In my case I am interested in using my images a starting point for the exercise instead of a random phrase. Everything else is the same.

The connection between the original image and the story may be very loose indeed, as the chosen phrase may result in a story that is completely different in general subject. Nevertheless there is a connection, and this interests me.


We run the streets

Over the child’s shoulder

There for you



So Many Questions

Beat the Rain

Full yet Empty and Cold

 You or me



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