Word Hoarding Exercise

This is a really useful  creative writing exercise :

  • Take a book off a shelf and randomly select a word – that word is the center of a 7 word phrase. Write that phrase down.
  • While thinking of that phrase write for 5 minutes continuously quickly, without thinking and without stopping.
  • Carefully read the results forwards and backwards looking for any phrase that interests you, has energy for you or seems original.
  • Write a short story in which that phrase occurs

For me this exercise works really well, it stops procrastination and the fear of a blank piece of paper.

In my case I am interested in using my images a starting point for the exercise instead of a random phrase. Everything else is the same.

The connection between the original image and the story may be very loose indeed, as the chosen phrase may result in a story that is completely different in general subject. Nevertheless there is a connection, and this interests me.


We run the streets

Over the child’s shoulder

There for you



So Many Questions

Beat the Rain

Full yet Empty and Cold

 You or me



My new creative life