Full yet empty and cold

Walking into the garden at night I look up and there you are, waiting for me to become aware of you, full yet empty and cold.

You seem to come and go, to wax and wane but all of this is just an illusion, a coincidence of alignment, of light and shade. In reality your presence is a constant and it is my mind that comes to you for a few precious moments only to recoil again, dragged back into a world full of needless noise and clutter.

How can I accept that this is how it is. Your scales are immense, your silence absolute. You are impossibly near and yet impossibly far, held there by an absurd mathematical coincidence.

Patiently, silently, you show me another reality. Merciless and beautiful.

We have danced around each other for a long while now, I escape for shorter and shorter periods. Slowly I am dragged into orbit around you – myself, my sun, my planet and you collapse gradually into an intricate geometric dance of emotions, nights, months and years. As I age your cold silence tears away at my clutter and distractions and gathers me in.

You will be there for an impossibly long period after I have faded away, but even your power is not enough and you too will be defeated. I gaze at you against the darkness and swirling clouds and it seems to me that you know – that you are self aware and immensely alone in your silent darkness.


Notes from the Word Hoard

The way the exercise works is explained here.


Show me another reality
Things are other
It waits silently for us
Cold voiceless and waiting
Distance and details
A cold beauty
Full yet empty and cold
Voiceless and cold
Passive and silent
Silently waits
Bring it over

Full yet empty and cold * Selected


4 thoughts on “Full yet empty and cold”

  1. Full and empty and cold

    Why does your thoughts and reflections remind me of Rodin’s “The Thinker”?

    I cannot pay you a bigger compliment.

    Keep on writing.


  2. @ Deb – I think thats the power of the word hoard exercise – you have to use that phrase, so it makes you write based on a phrase that you find moving, original or interesting out of the stream writing output.

    Actually – I just love the picture

  3. Very different perceptions: To me the moon isn’t cold – when I gaze at the full moon I can feel the warmth of the moon beams.
    But yes, I agree it is another reality.

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