A light for me to follow

The crowd, the anticipation, the opening is a growl of  powerful chords. The deep  sound rolls towards and over me, then silence in the backwash and finally a single melodic phrase on an overpowered guitar reaches out to me. Here it comes, it’s that song again carrying me forwards, that timeless time.

So much connection, I  tense with anticipation –  there’s a space I get taken to that is so full of possibilities – of what I might yet become. The rhythm and the energy are their own vocabulary and they reach into and lift me – effortlessly they carry me forwards.

“There’s hope in your eyes
I wanna love you but I get so blown away.”

The song is so open, leaving so much space for me. The gentle rocking embrace, I am clinging to something that keeps me afloat, cradling it. Chord after chord, and hanging in the air above all the details his so, so individual voice seems always to have been there –  a light for me to follow.

“I am just a dreamer,
But you are just a dream.”

“Once I thought I saw you in
In a crowded hazy bar
Dancing in the light from star to star.”

Where are you? I leave so much space for you. Please come into my life, engulf me.

“I wanna love you but I get so blown away.”


Full yet empty and cold

Walking into the garden at night I look up and there you are, waiting for me to become aware of you, full yet empty and cold.

You seem to come and go, to wax and wane but all of this is just an illusion, a coincidence of alignment, of light and shade. In reality your presence is a constant and it is my mind that comes to you for a few precious moments only to recoil again, dragged back into a world full of needless noise and clutter.

How can I accept that this is how it is. Your scales are immense, your silence absolute. You are impossibly near and yet impossibly far, held there by an absurd mathematical coincidence.

Patiently, silently, you show me another reality. Merciless and beautiful.

We have danced around each other for a long while now, I escape for shorter and shorter periods. Slowly I am dragged into orbit around you – myself, my sun, my planet and you collapse gradually into an intricate geometric dance of emotions, nights, months and years. As I age your cold silence tears away at my clutter and distractions and gathers me in.

You will be there for an impossibly long period after I have faded away, but even your power is not enough and you too will be defeated. I gaze at you against the darkness and swirling clouds and it seems to me that you know – that you are self aware and immensely alone in your silent darkness.


Notes from the Word Hoard

The way the exercise works is explained here.


Show me another reality
Things are other
It waits silently for us
Cold voiceless and waiting
Distance and details
A cold beauty
Full yet empty and cold
Voiceless and cold
Passive and silent
Silently waits
Bring it over

Full yet empty and cold * Selected


March 2013 Highlights

March was a great month.

It included the trip to Seville, continuing to learn Tango ( still just awful but having fun and maybe, maybe getting just a bit better?? ) as well as finishing the second 10 week creative writing course. My first novel got over the 15,000 word count – which has been great fun.

I also attended a Street Photography workshop which although just half a day was great fun.

Currently have the next trip booked for June, destination Lisbon – but this is notoriously flexible – both in terms of timeframe and where I end up going!!


Low Light Effect

I have almost stopped using any on camera effects but I do occasionally take images with the Low Key selected.

Here are a few examples.

It feels a bit like cheating – but it saves some fiddling about and sometimes the images are surprising and atmospheric.