Tango Tandas – of 4 or 3?

When I first started playing music at Milongas a few years ago my instincts were to go with what I think if as the ‘Modern Way’ – where Tango tandas have only 3 songs but there is one more Tango tanda before the Vals.

Traditional : T T V T T M

Modern : T T T V T T M – 3 tango sides in each tanda.

At the last minute I was persuaded to stick to tradition.

A few years on and from now on when it is my own milonga I am going with the ‘modern’ system. Here’s why:

  • For those waiting for a dance there is a much faster turnaround
  • If you love the dance you have you will love it for 3 songs or 4
  • If you really love it you can negotiate another tanda and have many more chances to end up with 6 songs
  • If you aren’t getting on 4 songs can feel like an age
  • I can play a significantly wider selection during an evening

So that’s my route for the next few years – tango tandas with 3 songs and one more of them every hour or so!

YAY – let’s enjoy …