Tango Tandas – of 4 or 3?

When I first started playing music at Milongas a few years ago my instincts were to go with what I think if as the ‘Modern Way’ – where Tango tandas have only 3 songs but there is one more Tango tanda before the Vals.

Traditional : T T V T T M

Modern : T T T V T T M – 3 tango sides in each tanda.

At the last minute I was persuaded to stick to tradition.

A few years on and from now on when it is my own milonga I am going with the ‘modern’ system. Here’s why:

  • For those waiting for a dance there is a much faster turnaround
  • If you love the dance you have you will love it for 3 songs or 4
  • If you really love it you can negotiate another tanda and have many more chances to end up with 6 songs
  • If you aren’t getting on 4 songs can feel like an age
  • I can play a significantly wider selection during an evening

So that’s my route for the next few years – tango tandas with 3 songs and one more of them every hour or so!

YAY – let’s enjoy …

5 thoughts on “Tango Tandas – of 4 or 3?”

  1. My vote is for three track tandas. It keeps things moving and more fluid and much better for the follows who don’t have to wait so long for the next one. The 2-6 slot is ideal for me as well- what a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon…..

    1. Hi 3 standard better. Also re times earlier a better choice for me or how about in the middle of each, 3pm?? Margaret

      1. Thanks Margaret! Actually I am just trying to negotiate that with the centre now!

        I have had a huge anmount of feedback on how to improve the ionga – and will summarise it all soon in another post



  2. In my experience, tango djs watch the floor. If the gender balance becomes uneven, they swap to 3 song tandas, on the fly. Likewise if the floor suddenly becomes clear for a tanda, the DJ will lift the mood with a change of music. Last Sunday would have been served better by a 3 song tanda, as there was a marked gender imbalance. Jo only had 2 dances last Sunday, I believe that was common.
    On the start time, my preference is for the earlier start and finish. A late brunch first, then off for a dance, then home in time for a nice dinner. Cheers.

    1. So nice to read Jon & John’s comments here. I wish they showed up in the main summary version of your poll, which only relates to the 3 or 4 question, and as I’ve already posted on that summary version, yes, 3 please.
      But for me the other aspects are equally important.
      Please keep the 2-6 timescale, as it’s an hour and a half to get there and back from Hastings, and it’s good to be home at a reasonable hour! That’s one of the great advantages for us of your milongas over the London matinee milongas, where there is a 3-hour journey each way to contemplate.
      And please don’t add an extra T to the TTVTTM mix. I love Vals, and there aren’t enough. More would be better, not fewer!
      Thank you very much for canvassing our views!

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