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A light wine

Was in a noisy pub in Brighton this evening and took a few minutes out to look for images where you wouldn’t normally expect them.

Juxtaposition is a good one to look for – here the light behind the wine glass offers a commentary.

Maybe the lamp shade also encourages you to make assumptions as the viewer – is this a basic kind of place where both the lamp and the wine could do with upgrading?

Lisbon : the journey continues

Lisbon old quarter – the Alfama – provided a really great chance today to get lost in twisting alleys and spend a really pleasant few hours taking photos. I also sampled some great wine in the ‘Do Castelo’ wine bar – which I really recommend if like me you love wine but know nothing about Portuguese varieties and vineyards – really helpful and knowledgeable staff.

No photos available right now.

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Followed by a drive round Lisbon to the west to meet one of Joao’s Tango teachers for a lesson – then a drive East to meet another one – all in all a great day combining 3 of my greatest interests.