Lab2 Cover Versions

An interesting list for this evenings team discussions of cover versions – which ones we prefer and why – what was the cover trying to improve? Did they succeed?

  • Jo – Remembranza – De Angelis and D’Arienzo
  • Nigel – El Recodo – Di Sarli and Biagi
  • Deb – El PaƱuelito – Pugliese and D”Arienzo
  • Jon – Unfortunately the selection was eaten by Archie

Remembranza is one of Jo’s favourite – and she has in fact chosen 2 cover versions ! Malerba recorded this in 1943 – D’Arienzo was in 1964 and De Angelis in 1954. I have added the iconic Pugliese version from 1956 as well as the ‘original’ from Malerba.

Personally I have played the Malerba version 230 times, D’Arienzo 100, Pugliese 46 times and De Angelis – who I normally love – only 3 times!

I chose El Recodo from Biagi in 1952 as I love playing this in a mixed orchestra 1950s tanda. There were actually 2 previous Di Sarli versions in 1941 and 1951 – this one is from 1951.

Deb chose El PaƱuelito from Pugliese 1959 and D’Arienzo in 1963.

One thought on “Lab2 Cover Versions”

  1. tango is so unique in its mix of dancing, socialising, love of music and its melancholic sensuality that nothing else comes near to replacing it. I suspect that its fairly addictive and the community will reform as soon as there are opportunities to safely do so. However it will need a better coordinated events calender with practicas which were sadly missing these last couple of years. We often learn the most useful things from our colleagues and the teachers have a difficult time teaching such mixed classes.
    One thing I have learnt from the lock down is the value of video analysis even if its just solo exercises. You find out awkward truths that no one will normally tell you and its a way to sort bad habits quickly. Mixed ability classes rarely give this useful feed back ( the teachers are too kind!) but practicas are a helpful halfway house. Please lets organise them after the lockdown ends to get us all back to improving our beloved Tango.

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