In a single moment I found out and I fell. As I fell all the truths I tried to hold onto turned out to be lies.

And so it began, a cold dark journey that stripped away so many layers of what I had thought of as myself. Layers that themselves turned out to be rotten, without any true meaning at all.

But there cannot be light without darkness, these year ends and rituals give us the chance to place markers in our paths. Turn away then to put this dark time behind you, and warmly laugh with me into the healing sunlight that comes with every new beginning.

Notes from the Word Hoard

The way the exercise works is explained here.


connect all the crosses
bounded by shade
symbols are everywhere
shadows of the symbols
they define each other
there cannot be light without darkness
define them by contrast
the shadow makes the meaning
ley like symbol

there cannot be light without darkness * Selected


The picture is from my trip to Thessaloniki. Written while alone on Christmas eve and early Christmas day.. From the ashes.

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