Photo Processing

Keen to practice my skills from my Lightroom course yesterday I will be posting some processing results for comment. Just simple before and after pairs.

The processing for this post is a simple 3 step sequence of white balance + pushing up the whites + sonic screwdriver – all applied to this long distance snow scene up in the Ashdown Forest during the snows of January.

Before :


After :


Much improved I think!


4 thoughts on “Photo Processing”

  1. I like the whites – removing the blue tinge that charaterises most photos of snow is always a good idea, but the change in temperature is, as Simon says, “interesting”… I kinda want it to feel cooler.

    By the way, what’s Sonic Screwdriver in Lightroom? I’ve not come across that before and it’s not evident in my copy of 4.2.

    1. So sorry to have confused folks – a sonic screwdriver is just Dr Who’s favourite tool and I use it as a mental image for zapping boring people in meetings… nothing to do with processing at all!

  2. Hi Simon!
    Yes that was my little jest – I did a Lightroom course yesterday and so now I’m enjoying practising – including ‘spot removal’ which in this case zapped the third person ..


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