Tango class in Lisbon – Ochos with secada

Miriam taught Joao as a beginner here in Lisbon 12 years ago – she first started Tango in Buenos Aires in 1988. Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to her apartment for a lesson with Joao. Here they show adding a sacada to Ochos where the leader steps through – sorry I don’t know the real name for this..

<img decoding="async" src="yourimage.gif" >

It was very enjoyable – even if the teachers are way too experienced for a beginner like me – what a great privilege – and so much fun!

One thought on “Tango class in Lisbon – Ochos with secada”

  1. Thank you so much for your visit Nigel. Hope soon that we meet again. by the way, it is a plesure to see all your posts about Tango..


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