This evening I decided to set myself a nature photography task – I have lavender so I picked bees.

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I like a couple of these – they tell a story – and that of course is so important.

As an aside I just want to sing the praises of bees.. Wherever I sat they were somewhere else… smart ..

2 thoughts on “Bees”

  1. I’m sure one of those bees is smiling at the camera!

    Not an easy subject to photograph. I find it easier to film them at high res and freeze frame the shot you need ! Cheating a little maybe.

    1. Hi Simon – I agree high res filming and capturing a frame would be much easier than waiting for hours and hours to finally get something decent – but it was fun.

      I do think they were totally aware of me, whether they were actually smiling is a tough one but I got the distinct impression they thought I was a bit of a twit..

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