Photography Project while here in Seville – Conversation

I never normally set myself a ‘project’ – but I have watched friends do this with great results and so I have set myself the challenge for the last two days to capture images that in some way reflect what we mean by a ‘conversation’

I have tried to interpret it broadly – some conversations look forward, some backward – I even allowed myself images where the subject seemed deep in an internal conversation, or just invited interaction because they were so interesting. I have also processed some in black and white because the bright sunshine in Seville seemed to distract from the topic.

The idea came about because on Friday before I left I was in a bar in Hove and was watching two profoundly deaf men signing with each other.

I know so little about sign language, but they were using a kind of miming of words to compliment the signs – perhaps conveying context or emotion? But the result to me was two men who alternately just focussed on each other, calmly watching every movement.

This was a conversation as few men experience it – listening, giving space, focus, patience – a calm and genuine donation of “all of my attention” that so rarely takes place and yet is so healing and wonderful when it does.

This started me thinking about ‘conversation’ in a much wider sense – so it was on my mind when I arrived.

And I have already asked if I just used Photoshop to create the couple on the balcony. The answer is ‘no’ – these kind of illusions are quite common in Seville – normaly exactly like this – figures on balconies – and they are called Trampantojos. As I now understand it – thanks Beatriz! – they are used frequently in Spain to create an illusion of something that perhaps people can’t have – for example expensive stone walls.




One thought on “Photography Project while here in Seville – Conversation”

  1. Looks like you have captured some good images, (as usual).
    I like the Trompe-l’œil – or Trampantojos as it’s known out there.
    There are some wonderful examples of these looking through what appear to be doors and windows..
    I commissioned one for a development I was selling, at Ingress Abbey, Greenhithe. Your photo has brought back some memories.
    Enjoy the bright sunlight, the atmosphere and all that goes with it, for the UK is pretty dull in comparison.

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