Visual Aesthetics in Tango – who are they for?

At some point in our Tango development we begin to care about what we look like when we are dancing.


We are not professionals. The crowd, certainly, is not focussed on the aesthetics of every heartbeat of our dance. There is – in fact – no crowd at all – but yes – there are people that are watching.  And they might want to dance with you.

Beauty needs someone to appreciate it. And the person that you are dancing with cannot see very much of you at all – they can certainly feel your skill, your focus – but in the moment your visual appearance is largely lost to them.

And this I think is where the circle is squared. I feel your beauty through your technique, your balance, you connections to the floor, to me and to the music. It is indeed absolutely beautiful. Someone watching cannot yet feel you – but they sense the same qualities that I am feeling – because when they watch you they see the years of effort, the balance, the grace and the connections.

So in fact you look beautiful precisely because you can express each moment with technique, without noise, purely and appropriately.

True beauty comes from deep within us – and Tango is a wonderful light to show that to the world.

And who would not want to dance with you when you look like that?

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