Tangofolly is a celebration of Argentine Tango – bringing together our tango community to work together, share knowledge and experience and provide you with everything you need to get out there and dancing. We are truly inspired by the drive and passion of everyone involved in making the Tango story go on and we know how valuable ‘getting together’ can be. Here’s what they are about, in their own words :

We want to make it easy, fun and useful!

Our aim is to support all our brilliant tango clubs, expert teachers, talented musicians, discerning writers and inspiring designers. In fact everyone who contributes towards our community is welcome to write or list their profile and let you know what’s on, who’s who and where to find what you need.

There is more to tango than dancing

Here are just some of things you can do on Tangofolly:


Find out about all the milongas, classes, festivals and other fun stuff going on. Want to learn Argentine Spanish? Or maybe join in the fun with Tango Flashmob. Our Club members can post all their events in the WHAT’S ON CALENDAR and keep you in the loop via the NOTICEBOARD.


See all our tango teachers and where they are teaching/performing. Book private lessons and read the reviews posted from other students. Finding the right tango teacher is much easier and just so important to your tango journey.


There is no tango without the music! Find out where our DJ’s, musicians, bands and vocalists are playing next. Fancy learning a new instrument? Find your new tango music teacher here too!


A place to browse for tango shoes, dance wear, music and more. At last, no more trawling the web for hours…


Tangofolly is also a place for thoughtfulness, learning and discussion. Everyone inspired to write can contribute. There are some great reads – from fellow students all the way to tango maestros.

Who is Tangofolly?

Our humble journey began with one tango student, passionate about tango, culture and community, who, one day, after some considerable thought, ‘had an idea’ and decided to write it down (erm… in an 86 page brief, well, tango is quite, quite intricate). An opportunity had arisen, to give something really meaningful back to the community. To actually challenge the status quo and ask the question: ‘What would be REALLY great? What do WE – really need – as a community – to be all we can be?’ Quickly, that one tango student grew into a small group. People, from all walks of life and expertise, who, inspired by the idea, have contributed towards Tangofolly’s journey to date. And so, our community continues to grow and the Tangofolly story goes on.

Tangofolly belongs to you.






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