The Draw to Perform Experience

This is a composite video of Day 1 – what a wonderful summary of such a diverse series of performances.

This was such an interesting time for me. Meeting Jan, being around such artistic talent – experiencing something new.

Artists are all credited in the video – but from me a special thanks to Jan Rae, Ram Samocha and to Domenico Dominelli for creating such a professional summary video.

Tango Druggy Songs and who had the most violins anyway??

So .. I have been wondering for a while why many Tango songs sound like prescription drugs.

For me the latest one is ‘Danzarin’ – surely this should be available in blister packs of 12, 24, 48 and 96 pink, film coated tablets?

But no – it is in fact a great side that goes so well in a tight Tanda with Quejas de Bandoneon, Melancolico, Responso .. so many wonderful 1960’s Troilo’s

And when we dig around on this dubiously inspired quest we are in fact rewarded by a chance to watch Troilo in action.

I have read so many times that he could make you cry with a single note from his bandoneon  – at that passage from about 3:10 we can just see that skill in action and perhaps get a sense for what it must have been like to have actually been there on the night.

What a drug free pleasure.