Politicians running a business

Personally I have really enjoyed the challenge of running and growing a business for the last 10 years.

There are numerous challenges, and anyone who survives it all and prospers needs personal skill, a great team and a fair amount of luck. To succeed in growing a company from nothing is indeed tough.

With this in mind I have been thinking of the business model that the politicians have who are notionally in charge of this country. Here is their complex model as I see it :

Revenue side

  • Everyone must buy my stuff
  • I can charge whatever I like
  • No-one can buy any competitor’s stuff


  • I can provide whatever level of service I want to

Indeed this must be a challenge. Its not surprising that you have to behave like spoiled children all the time in order to let off the pressure.

It would take a great level of incompetence to so mess this up that we are paying £3.5 billion a month in debt interest alone. And to deliver such poor long term standards of living that we have an underclass that will threaten our stability. But that is exactly what you have managed to do.

Congratulations to the public sector in general and to the political system in particular. You have managed to completely fail in delivering the most simple business model the world has ever devised. I cannot begin to describe the difference to our society if we could get rid of all politicians, and spend £3.5 billion a month directly on the well being of our citizens.

Not just failed, but so spectacularly failed in your duty that you are in danger of permanently destroying something that has taken centuries to build – a civilized culture.

If you had any decency you would fall on your swords.

You would inevitably miss.


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