Bringing new senses into learning Tango

For the first year and a half I really learned Tango in a very normal way. I went to classes. Teachers showed things, they explained things – and I tried to copy.

Then I would try to practise.

Maybe I did this more than most – went to many classes – different teachers, workshops, practicas –  but it was basically  just a normal student experience.

Now a fundamental shift is taking place, and I am so excited to be a part of my new approach. Of course I will still go to classes. So what has happened?

  • 6 months or so ago I finally became interested in tango music. Now that is starting to be one of the most critical aspects in how I dance, and why I dance. More and more I care about this song, with this woman.
  • And this week – for the first time I experienced following a great leader. A whole new sense was opened up – feeling, reacting – wordless. I will be sure to make these experiences of feeling how a great leader leads a huge part of my student experience.
  • Now today I have seen videos of me dancing in a studio. Once again a whole new perspective.

Before a  teacher would explain the importance of posture. The back muscles, Or talk about  accuracy with the feet. Or the beauty of strong hip dissociation as opposed to a flat version that I dance.

But when they talk I just correct for a few minutes – and then I would forget it again. It was all just words and I wanted to continue as I was – to feel the music and have such pleasure and fun in dancing.

But now – having really seen how sloppy everything I do actually is – having seen what they see when they look at me – correcting this has now become the strongest focus in my learning.

Once you feel a lead, truly feel the music and see how you actually look when you dance – everything changes…

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

Listening to you I get the music.

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