Lessons for the intermediate Tango dancer – inspired by penguins

We all begin with hope – walking the lonely road of trying to progress and learn – along with thousands of other students around the world we progress through the standard class structures – walk, walk and walk again

walking in line

.. sometimes we can feel hopelessly lost and abandoned as the reality of how difficult this all is hits home.


But sure enough if we persist we begin to learn the basics –


and as we become more experienced off axis moves like Colgadas become increasingly interesting.

Two King Penguins

However with them comes danger – the lead must always be clear, especially if the floor is a bit fast.

But we hold the course! And with time, and with sufficient practise – even the giro with the dreaded enrosque can become a joy.

giros and enrosques

attitude and presence

Once we have sufficient structure and are at one with each other and above all else with the music, we can work on what we actually look like. Here presence, clean linesĀ  and attitude make such a difference.

The danger is that we might be too preoccupied by the external view that we loose touch with the inner, quiet nature of true tango – and instead look for those kodak moments that tango certainly tempts us all with


After we have learned so much we can focus on the importance of actually dancing, the realities of standing out in a busy Milonga and trying to master the all important cabaceo become an important part of our lives.

milonga nad cabaceo

But above all else Tango is a journey. Sure small obstacles can stand in our way – but by helping and inspiring each other we can in the end progress past every crisis – and celebrate the sheer joy that tango can eventually offer us.

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