3 great steps from 2 wonderful milongueros

Inspired by a lesson on Pugliese with Kirsty here are 3 great steps that I have set myself the challenge to try to practise and get into my dancing  – for those moments in Pugliese where you need something wonderful.

El Pibe Avellaneda & Luna Palacios salon Canning

The first I am describing as a sacada with a lunged back cross – for want of a better name…


The second a side step then a shared axis turn, wraps and planeo

El Chino Perico

Paola Tacchetti yEl Chino Perico bailando el tango Tres Esquinas en la Milonga Del Moran ..

Wonderful control in a giro

It looks so simple – but look again, standard left foot behind in the centre of that giro but he exits so close to her – with his right!

So – it’s January – if any willing follower wants to practise with me over the next few months – beware! I shall be attempting the impossible!


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