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I have recently been on two 10 week creative writing courses in Brighton.

This has been a fascinating experience for me – being set exercises, having your work read out by a group – even writing and then performing a 10 minute monologue. I am planning to continue with similar courses – they are run at Evolution in Brighton regularly – as for me the pressures of the course really helps me to keep writing an active part of my life.

I am currently starting to use my images as a basis for a creative writing exercise in order to explore them through writing.

As of end August 2013 I am really pleased that I just broke the 30,000 word barrier in my first novel. So I have managed to find a way to take the motivation from the courses into my life, and just write. The truth is that the time to write has been a bit patchy, mainly due to the competition with learning to Tango – which takes quite a bit of my time – in a very enjoyable and positive way – but means that writing is not the only creative interest I have!

Still – 30,000 words since February means I am writing a potential novel every year and a half, so if I can continue, and the first two get rejected – then maybe 2017/18 will be the year of that first published novel!


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